5150 Whips Bluetooth pairing instructions

Download the LED Magic Blue app here!

1) Power your LED whips on. Once the whips have power they go into search mode for 1‐minute. Open the LED Magic Blue app and it will search for the whips. If the app does not open within 1‐minute turn the power off to whips and power back up.

2) When the app finds your whip, you will see it listed on this screen:

3) Click on ADD DEVICE and the whip will load and ask you to confirm

4) Once you confirm you will get this screen:

Click on the area that says LEDBlue-83A… to start using one whip. If pairing 2 whips continue to 5.

5) Press and hold ADD GROUP until this screen comes up:

You can then type in your group name. Then press confirm (Your group can have any name you chose)

6) Press and hold the area that says LEDBlue-83A… again and this screen will appear:

7) Press the group that you want the whip to go to. (In this example press 5150 Whips)

8) Your group will now show 1 device(s).

9) Follow the same procedure to add your second (or more) whips to your group. Once they are linked, use the group to control both whips in sync

10) Once the app is up and running you will get this screen to control your whips:

11) The different modes are on the bottom bar of the app and you can scroll through them by swiping left and right.

You are all set. Play around with the app and enjoy all the functions your new Bluetooth 5150 Whips can do. You can make multiple groups and link other Bluetooth whips to your groups. Have fun! If you have any questions or need additional assistance please do not hesitate to call our help line at (800) 674-9920.

Thank you for your business and ride safe!