1. What is the purpose of the $25 fee?

A: The purpose of the $25 fee is for processing and handling items sent in for our warranty.

  1. Am I responsible for shipping costs to return defective items?

A: Customers are responsible for all warranty shipping costs to us. We will cover the return shipping.

  1. Why is it advised to send both whips?

A: Since the whips are handmade we want to ensure that both whips are symmetric and consistent. By sending both whips, you can ensure that both are in good working condition and maintain consistency in appearance and performance.

  1. Do dealers have to pay the fee?

A: Dealers are subject to the same terms and conditions as individual customers when returning items for repair or warranty service. Meaning dealers would need to follow the same procedures and incur the same fees as individual customers when returning defective items for repair under warranty.

5: If I’m a dealer can I do a Warranty for my customer?

A: Certainly, fill out the warranty form including the customer’s name, your business address, and your business contact details. If you're a dealer and your customers have questions or issues regarding warranty coverage, it's best to direct them to contact our 5150 Whips customer service department directly for assistance with their warranty claims. This ensures that warranty procedures are followed correctly.

  1. What if I purchased it within 30 days directly through 5150 Whips?

A: If you purchased a product directly from 5150 Whips within the last 30 days and it requires repair, please contact us prior to the 30-day window. We want to make it right for you!

  1. Can you warranty them without a receipt?

A: 5150 Whips requires a receipt as proof of purchase to process warranty claims.

  1. Since I don't have a receipt can I pay to have them repaired?

A: 5150 Whips does not offer repair services and if you do not have a receipt to initiate a warranty claim, you may face limitations in getting your whips repaired through official channels. In this situation, you might need to explore alternative options for repair.

  1. Since I'm doing a warranty can I upgrade whips or change size?

A: What is sent in on your warranty claim is what you'll be receiving in return. We do have an awesome sales team who can help point you in a better direction if you're looking for a different size whip.

9: I bought a used SxS/buggy/quad or etc with 5150 whips. Can I warranty them?

A: Unfortunately, our lifetime warranty applies solely to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. If you purchased a vehicle with our whips already installed we offer replacement whips at a slightly discounted price.