Warranty Information

Lead Time:

Processing time: upon receipt of your damaged product please allow us 2-3 weeks to process (subject to change depending on the season)


5150 Whips takes pride in handcrafting most of our products in the USA.This emphasis on craftsmanship and local production translates to higher quality and attention to detail for our customers. 5150 Whips is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction with our products. We stand behind the quality of our products and are willing to make things right if customers aren't fully satisfied with their purchase.


We proudly back our products with a non-transferable lifetime warranty for our customers. It's crucial to understand that despite the lifetime warranty, certain exclusions or restrictions may exist. The term "lifetime warranty" doesn't signify indefinite coverage but instead pertains to the original purchaser. Limitations may include conditions like normal wear and tear, misuse, or unauthorized alterations. Please review the requirements for filing a warranty claim, as well as the covered and excluded scenarios, for clarification.



5150 Whips warranty covers wear and tear or broken whips caused by our customers who were having a little bit of too much fun out in the desert or on the trails. Additionally, our lifetime warranties encompass manufacturing defects; for instance, if your whip's LEDs cease to function or if it's not receiving power. Rest assured, we'll guide you through the process efficiently by requesting key items needed to successfully submit your warranty claim.



Our lifetime warranty excludes coverage for the following scenarios: installation mishaps, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidents, collisions, loss, theft, defects arising from custom specifications provided by you or an aftermarket shop, and any product modifications (such as cutting wires). Industrial whips are not covered by warranty as they may be subjected to harsh conditions or usage beyond what the manufacturer anticipates or considers reasonable. Industrial equipment warranties typically exclude damages caused by misuse, neglect, or circumstances beyond the manufacturer's control. Warranty claims are not applicable for products purchased through third-party sources, including Facebook Marketplace, swap meets, OfferUp, or used buggies or side-by-sides that come with our product.


Items excluded from warranty coverage include remotes, hardware, flags, swivel clips, wiring, and accessories. If you require any of these items as spares, feel free to give us a call, and we'll be glad to assist you!




-Fill Out Repair/Warranty Request Form: Complete the repair/warranty request form, providing proof of purchase, a description, and images of the damaged product(s).


-Receive Return Authorization (RA#): An RA# will be issued within 24-72 business hours.


-Package Your Product(s): Use any preferred or reused packaging and ensure the RA# is clearly marked on the outside of the box.


-Time to Ship: Package the product(s), include your RA#, and deliver it to your chosen shipping carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS). Retain the tracking number for your records, as we do not have access to this information.


-Shipping Charges: You are responsible for shipping and handling charges to 5150 Whips for Warranty Repair. Regardless of the chosen shipping carrier, please retain the tracking number. The customer is responsible for any loss or damage that may occur during transit to us. In the case of loss or damage please contact the chosen shipping carrier.


-Return Shipping: In order for you to get your product(s) to go back you are responsible for paying the handling fee, which in most cases is $25 for a set of whips. Anything in addition could be subject to an additional charge.The fee must be paid prior to us shipping any product(s) to you or your dealer.


Important Note: Do not include any extra parts or accessories; only include the item(s) listed on the warranty form. We cannot be held responsible for any additional items lost or damaged during transit. Any shipments received without a RA # will be discarded.


Pair of Whips Warranty: If warranting only one whip from a pair, both must be submitted for warranty repair to ensure matching whips.


Warranty Terms Subject to Revision: Please check back periodically for the latest updates on our warranty terms. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to 5150 Whips for assistance.